Economic Development


CAI brings years of site selection experience and investment project knowledge to jurisdictions. As FDI specialists, CAI has assisted numerous economic development agencies study and create their value propositions, clustering initiatives, FDI attraction and retention strategies, certification expertise, and training as it relates to all of the above. CAI’s investment readiness diagnostic provides a tool for EDOs to conduct a self-evaluation of their ability to respond to investment inquiries.


Because of CAI’s knowledge and understanding of the investor as well as head office decision making processes, numerous public sector clients have hired CAI to develop their positioning strategies and value propositions for their local jurisdiction. Analysis and benchmarking tools are customized for the particular needs of each client and used throughout the process. CAI is proud to have successfully assisted over 100 economic development agencies to date.

Experts in:
  • · Identification and validation of industrial sectors
  • · Definition of value propositions and positioning plans geared for investors
  • · Development of local promotion, attraction, retention and expansion strategies
  • · Investment Readiness Assessments

Because of CAI’s unique and valuable knowledge of the investor and particularly of FDI, the company has been offering training to economic development agencies for many years. CAI’s courses are geared towards the attraction of and preparation for investment, whether that is domestic or foreign. CAI’s experience as site selectors provides us with the experience to benchmark jurisdictions and share best practices.

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) – Advanced Training Course

Attracting Companies to your Jurisdiction

The FDI Advanced Training course is uniquely geared for economic developers who are interested in learning more about foreign investment attraction and promotion, and as importantly, to learn more about the decision making processes of a multinational organization and the decision-making process behind the site selection process.

CEO Masterclass – A Course for CEOs or EDOs

Head Office Decision Making…

The CEO Masterclass is a course geared for the economic development officer or for management teams looking to better understand head office decision making as it pertains to the attraction of mandates and investment. How are capital expenditures budgeted and allocated, and how can jurisdictions better assist local multinationals in presenting their region and its attributes to head office. A team approach between business and government.

Earlier projects

CAI conducted an evaluation and validated the economic positioning and proposition value of Beausejour Brokenhead, Manitoba and provided a foundation for the Development Corporation to develop niche markets with a view to promoting economic development. CAI also provided an advanced course on Foreign Direct Investment to local and regional EDOs.

TDC (Clinton County)

CAI was mandated by the Development Corporation of Clinton County (New York) to evaluate their economic development potential and to establish the basis for the creation of an industrial cluster in the ground transportation sector.


CAI, on behalf of Investment Canada, conducted a series of roundtables with CEOs of multinationals across Canada. Following the roundtable discussions, CAI produced a handbook for the Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade entitled “Attracting World Mandates. Perspective s from Canadian CEOS.”

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