9 September 2018
Canada Remains A Premier Investment Destination

Marc Beauchamp, President & CEO, The CAI Global Group Despite the uncertain investment environment brought about by renegotiation of NAFTA and new U.S.-imposed tariffs, Canada continues to promote FDI by maintaining an open economy, investing in its workforce, and engaging in … Continued

15 November 2017
Welcome to CAI’S quarterly newsletter

The economic landscape has never been more opportune to investment projects. In fact, the growth of real GDP is expected to reach 3% in 2017 for Canada and 2.2% for the United States, employment rates are reaching new heights since … Continued

13 November 2017
Corporate Appointments – Message from the Partners

The Founders of the CAI Global Group, Howard Silverman (Chairman, former President & CEO for over 30 years) and Jayne McNaughton (Executive Vice President & Founding Partner), are pleased to announce the appointment of Marc Beauchamp to President & CEO. … Continued

13 November 2017

The U.S. is Still the Top Destination for Investment The 2017 World Investment report showed a slight (2%) decrease in global foreign direct investment, but looking closely you see that the 14% decline suffered by the developing world was offset … Continued

13 November 2017
Would Canada be the big winner of the renegotiation of NAFTA?

Ever since the Trump administration came to power, North American commercial relations are tainted with uncertainty and stability is threatened. This uncertainty stems from the American president’s protectionism-focused positioning executed through an eagerness to “improve” NAFTA. “Improving” NAFTA was a … Continued

13 November 2017
Why Still Choose Canada?

It has been stated time and time again that Canada is a great location for foreign direct investment and acquisitions. The three primary reasons are due to its market access, business environment and its educated and diverse labour force. Of … Continued